Submerging (2018)

“Submerging” begins with questions about water—specifically with questions about public water systems inspired by an accidental spring flowing from an asphalt road. What are the limits of our water systems? Where do they begin; where do they end? Where is the water going when we hear it rushing underneath a sidewalk? Where has it gone when it has ceased to come out of our faucets? Many of

us are adept at blocking out sounds of our environment and mechanisms of our infrastructure. Often such things become present only when something goes wrong: when there is a breach, an error, a misfire, a disaster.

Descending below the surface, “Submerging” captures moments of one city’s functioning water system. Incorporating video, audio, and photography the installation brings the sounds, colors, spaces, movements—even the feeling—of water into relation with visitors. While testing the limits of media to capture the obscure processes and spaces of one public water system, water becomes inescapably present in the gallery.


Audio pieces: