Street View Series (2016). 4 Digital archival prints, 26” x 44”.

Center to Edge: Walking Kossuth tér to Irinyi u (2015). Digital Archival Print, 27½” x 24’ .

Breathing on the Air (2015). Plexiglass, Cellphones, and Audio (loop).

Audio piece I (00:23sec): me_oakland_laws_could_limit_police_access_to_body_camera_footage
Audio piece II (00:17sec): me_protests_begin_after_grand_jury_declines_to_indict_nypd_officer
Audio piece III (00:19sec): me_social_media_spreads_stories_of_black_men_being_shot_by_police


Abstract Space: Nature (2015). Graph paper, fishing wire, light bulb. Installation, dimensions variable.

fault line (2013). Single channel video. 00:05:35.

re-membering (2011). Single channel video. 00:06:00.

Bearing East (2012). Installation (gloss medium transfer projection screen, 6 channel video, pedestals, DVD players, projectors, speakers, paper clamps, nylon line), dimensions variable.

Along the Periphery; aligning the Appalachian and Albertine Rift Mountains (2012). Installation.

Further than Ohio: locating the border between home and Mexico (2012). 35mm color slide film, Plexiglas, slide projector, hanging clamps, wire, dimensions variable.

Panning 24fps: between spaces (2012). Digital archival print, 14″ x 15′.

Wall text:

“Mexico–United States border

“That’s a whole other country over there, ma’am.”

-Border Patrol Agent, December, 2011

Moving from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, where the Rio Grande meets the sea, the ground is divided into two by the border.”