Current Work

Street View Series (2016). 4 Digital archival prints, 26” x 44”.

Center to Edge: Walking Kossuth tér to Irinyi u (2015). Digital Archival Print, 27½” x 24’ .

Breathing on the Air (2015). Plexiglass, Cellphones, and Audio (loop).

Audio piece I (00:23sec): me_oakland_laws_could_limit_police_access_to_body_camera_footage
Audio piece II (00:17sec): me_protests_begin_after_grand_jury_declines_to_indict_nypd_officer
Audio piece III (00:19sec): me_social_media_spreads_stories_of_black_men_being_shot_by_police


Abstract Space: Nature (2015). Graph paper, fishing wire, light bulb. Installation, dimensions variable.

Infrastructure (2013). Single channel video. 00:12:29.

fault line (2013). Single channel video. 00:05:35.


Bearing East (2012). Installation (gloss medium transfer projection screen, 6 channel video, pedestals, DVD players, projectors, speakers, paper clamps, nylon line), dimensions variable.

Along the Periphery; aligning the Appalachian and Albertine Rift Mountains (2012). Installation.